3 Things I Learned Today

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3 things I learned while running

Thought I’d share the 3 things I learned today while out on my run. I’ve become  someone that really values the time I get to spend in my own head, and today, I spent that time learning 3 things about myself that I thought I’d share. Going deep here, are you ready?

Ok, so here goes, my 3 things:

I don’t know how to pace myself.

Today I ran 5k and my splits were all over the place – anywhere from 6:01/km – 7:28/km. I use how i feel while I’m running to guide me – if I feel like crap and my heart rate is high, I slow down or walk a bit and if I feel good I keep going, I don’t even look at my heart rate. Going by feel is the most natural for me but that doesn’t help me pace.  Anyone have tips on how to manage my pace better? Please I beg you, send me articles, links, blogs…anything that includes smart ways to get better at evening out my pace.

Running is hard.

13 months later running 5k is still hard. Nunzio says that this is a normal feeling and he still finds running hard, which is crazy talk because he is an Ironman. But he insists. So I guess I’ll listen. Afterall, if an Ironman finds running a challenge, who am I to question. :p

Water. Water. Water.

The last of the 3 things I learned today was that I will never ever go for a 5k (or longer run) without water. What was I thinking? 5k without water? I can’t go 5 minutes during the day without sipping from my Klean Kanteen at work or home…but 5k – running. I continue to learn this lesson but not apply it to my actual runs. So I guess what I actually learned was that not only do I know that I need to take water with me, but I actually need to TAKE IT WITH ME!

Ok, so there it is. 3 things that I learned today. All in a 37 minute run. What did you learn?

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