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Hi, I’m Erin!

I’m assuming you have read something online that made you click on my About Me page – cool. That means my past successes in the 9-5 grind are finally paying off or you read something I wrote and found yourself nodding your head like I was talking about you. Either way, welcome to my crazy, I hope you stick around and enjoy the adventure with me!

I started blogging a couple years ago to help me sort through the crazy that was circulating in my head – my hero, Jenny Lawson (The Bloggess) would understand. I’m sure of it, although I have no proof. I just think she’d understand.

My original blog, Whiskey in a Tea Cup described me perfectly: I am a strong, type-A, ex-agency girl that has strong opinions and little control over my inner monologue – this has gotten me into a lot of trouble over the years but as I get older I am learning to curb it (aka accept the consequences). I am a hurricane wrapped in a whole lotta sunshine. And this has worked for me. I have been successful inspite of myself.

Out for a walk with Phineas. He wasn’t interested in taking a selfie.

What I realized, while I was randomly writing about my crazy life, was that blogging was self-medicating for me and folks said it was therapeutic for them – people seemed to love my everyday rants about life because they could relate. I guess I was their Jenny. So cool.

So, at 42 and after years of climbing the corporate ladder, I realized that success was no longer my definition of happiness. This prompted some seismic changes in my life, all of which were guided by ‘do what makes you happy and be more intentionally with your choices’.

I have since left the gruelling 9-5 world behind and have chosen to live more intentionally. By doing so, the choices I make and the inspired actions I take are a true reflection of who I am today. I believe that by living in the present, not the past or future, I remain focused on what is truly important in my life – my kids, husband, puppy, our health and finding happiness in the simple things. Oh, and lots of crazy adventures that probably don’t make sense to most folks out here.

This blog is a safe place that I hope you’ll find inspirational, supportive and chalked full of feel-it-in-your-bones truths.   You may even find yourself entertained by my sometimes funny, always honest, raw and uncensored posts about mental health, weight loss, living intentionally and all of the stuff in between.

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February 2, 2017

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