Best Friends (are like daisies)

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Best friends are like daisies. I don’t know why. They just are.

I don’t know what it is about the couch in my living room, but whenever I sit here I make realizations that are life changing. A couple months ago in this very spot drinking my coffee I decided that it was time to switch gears professionally – a decision that still has me shocked and scared. But one that I know is right for me.

Today I sit here after learning about the death of a dear friend (whom I have known for almost 30 years), thinking about my girlfriends – those that I have known since I was a kid and those that I have met as an adult – and it hit me, I don’t have a best friend. I don’t have that one special friend that I can call on a moments notice to laugh with or cry with when a friend passes away. I have always had super close friendships but over the years these have changed as lives have gotten busy with work, kids and general life ‘stuff’. I miss just having someone I can always count on.

Update: February 2017…

Not much has changed since the passing of Michelle, I’m still figuring things out and life continues to change – daily. But the one thing that has changed is me and the way I am choosing to live. I have gone back to living in the present – making choices that are creating an intentional life. So while I may not have ONE best friend, I have the right number of really, really great friends that I can count on, no matter what. And you know what, they can ALWAYS count on me too. That is what a best friend is. And who says you need just one.

Oh, and I figured out why best friends are like daisies… it’s because the more you pick the happier you’ll be!



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