Weight loss is hard.

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Weight loss is hard. Really hard.

I gained 5lbs during our July trip to Nashville – how could I not? You simply cannot deny oneself the insanely delicious Hattie B’s chicken – not possible. And to be honest, I was prepared for a gain because I was not about to deny myself. And it was after that 5lbs gain I decided that I wasn’t going to ‘try’ to drop the pounds this summer – maintenance was the goal. And I did it – I have kept within that 5lb gain ALL summer. Feeling kind of proud about that actually. I ate ice cream, lots of ice cream actually, and didn’t run as often as I was in the spring – but my general activity seemed to keep my weight in check.

But summer is over. Kids are back in school, summer vacations are over and I still have those 5lbs… on top of the 20lbs I still had to lose before Hattie B’s came into my life. That delicious Hattie B’s!

Hattie B's Chicken

Best southern fired chicken. Gained 5lbs while in Nashville … worth every bite!

Like I said earlier. Weight loss is hard.

Note to readers: if you are going to Nashville, trust me: Hattie B’s. And don’t get on the scale when you get home – just enjoy!  

So I need a plan because my motivation is lacking – I’m hungry all the time and not running as often or as far as I was. Upsetting? Yes and no. I gave myself a summer-break, so I knew I’d be here. But I guess I expected that I would dive right back in, no problem like I did when I started this journey last September. Not so much. It’s hard. Harder than I want it to be. I want my mojo back. Really, I do.

What can I do to get back on track?

  1. Get back to meetings. I MUST go to my Saturday Weight Watchers meeting. I pay to go to these meetings so I need to go. But more importantly, I get a lot out of them – support, ideas, motivation … it’s a good place for me to be. No excuses this week.
  2. Register for a 10k. While race schedules aren’t published for spring, I am committed to running a 10k road race as early this spring as possible. I had hoped to do one this fall but a significant ‘event’ happened earlier this month that prevented me to train…more to come on what this event was in a separate blog post. But trust me – it was EPIC and you’ll want to check back for it!
  3. Track. Track. Track. Weight Watchers works for many reasons, and tracking is one of them. I know some think tracking is a pain in the ass, but I like it. Keeps me organized and on target – I shed pounds when I track. So I need to track. Duh.
  4. Re-engage in social media. Yah, I need to get back to stalking the people that motivate me. I admit it – watching other people’s success pushes me harder – and there is no better way to do that than in social media. But I need to do more than stalk…I need to actively participate. I prefer to be outside doing, or with family, but 15 minutes a day wouldn’t kill me. Will it? Hm.
  5. Reward myself. When I drop the last 20-25lbs, I am heading to the Toronto Outlet Mall and buying myself a new wardrobe – pants, skirts, dresses, blouses, t-shirts, shoes, boots, purses, sunglasses… Yes, I tend to go overboard sometimes but that is why I’m so loveable. And my husband loves when I spend money on things I don’t need. For reals.

Maybe writing about my lack of motivation will help me drop that summer 5lbs, but I know it won’t work on the last 20; I need to track, go to meetings, re-engage, plan ahead and remember to reward myself. Weight loss is hard. And doing this is what will bring back my motivation and keep me going.

…as I approach my 1-year Weight Watchers anniversary…

A moment to celebrate. A Promise. Because weight loss is hard.

I joined Weight Watchers on September 26th 2016 – 360 days ago. As I approach my 1-year Weight Watchers anniversary I can be proud of the 35.2lbs I have lost, but also need to acknowledge my disappointment in not hitting my goal. And while I hope to hit it in 2017, I will keep going until I do – that is a promise I have made to myself. And I don’t break promises. Ever.

That’s enough for now. But seriously, come back for details about what I did earlier this month…trust me when I say it was SO EPIC it will probably be a several-part story, it will inspire you and remind you that people aren’t all assholes. Promise. 🙂

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